Thursday, November 30, 2006

Off colour

I think my next painting will be about feet, the grubby bub's feet to be exact. I've already chosen the actual photo frame to use, but I still need to make my way up to the photo lab to get it developed, as my printer at home is only black-and-white. It will be done in the same impressionist style as the last, looking like a water colour and lots of solid blocks using the palette knife.

Taking home the other completed piece this weekend..........can't wait to hang it up.

Managed to fire up the sewing machine, too and tested it out making a front log cabin cushion panel which will end up as a Christmas present for one of the grandmas. I reckon its worked out well and has definitely sparked my enthusiasm for doing more sewing projects. Might as well, since there's that huge stash of fabric of mum's.

Have been feeling off colour lately, this bloody weather.........the temperature is up and down. Arghhh! Also, as its been so overcast can't show any photos. The light's been horrible .

Anyway, there's a nappy waiting to be changed.


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