Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dream on

Twenty years from now I'll have made a name for myself as a professional artist and actually making a decent contribution to our living expenses, not to mention my vices (of which there are a few). I would own a studio the size of a warehouse, fill it chock-full to the brim of artwork and I would spend days on end making beautiful wall adornments, with the Geezer occasionally coming in to bring me sandwiches and cakes for sustenance. I would need to be reminded by an alarm clock to go to the loo, otherwise it'd be pandemonium for my insides at the end of the day (this has been known to happen at art class). I'd die a happy girl if I can only paint all day, every day till the end of my days.

Someone needs to put my head on a slab! Oops, a nappy needs changing. Now!

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