Monday, December 11, 2006

Three little luvlies and one big one

Okay, we finally have some decent light coming in due to another blue sky picture through the sunroom windows. Which means I can finally take photos of the new stuff and show you all. Please excuse the camera, its an old (relatively, everything ages right away nowadays) Canon Ixus.

I mentioned some time back that I'm in the process of making three little lasses doing what littlies do as inspired by the grubby bub, although she doesn't quite do any of these yet. They're all a tiny 5" x 7" big. The first is "no wanna leep yet".

The second is "away to the circus".

The third is "high tea with the dollies".

Lastly is my second latest large oil painting called "red kite" showing two children playing with a kite on a green field. Its about 30" x 40" and the geezer is very appreciative.

Aside from all of that, there are lots of sketches in the journal waiting to grow up into paintings and I've just primed two new canvas boards with base colours of lavender and periwinkle. I promise to post some photos of pages from the sketch journal sometime soon.

Since its beautiful and sunny outside, the bub and I might venture out to the village and go for a stroll. I'll have to wait till she wakes up.

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