Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fabric stash love

It was impossible for me before to understand the utter delight that other crafters had for their fabric collection until now. I used to reserve this warm fuzzy feeling when I look at a painting that I had just finished, but ever since I started sewing and crafting at home, and started opting for part of mum's fabric collection, I've come to realise this irrational happiness just from looking at beautiful fabric. Sometimes, I almost don't want to cut the stuff because it looks better folded and whole. I say that this is somewhat akin to the silly happiness I feel when I look at my shoe collection. The geezer just laughs at me when I tell him that every now and then I open the boxes, stare, coo and caress the shoes. I tell him that I just like looking at pretty things.

So, in a short space of time I've managed to have a pretty decent fabric collection going. Nothing that takes over chunks of space yet, but when it does the geezer will be itching to declutter it I'm sure. I've also found a great eBay store called Atomic Boom, which specialises in vintage and retro fabric. This has now become my new vice and I'm always reminding myself to spend wiser, spend wiser. I don't need it, but I do want it. It's that naughty imp on my shoulder, I tell you. So I give in sometimes and the stash is expanding slowly. I'm going to have to hoe into it for the bub's winter quilt, so hopefully it won't be growing too quickly. Mum, I hope you're not reading this!

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