Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Illustration Friday - Red

Is she well-RED or well-read? I was against colouring the girl, but because of this week's theme I relented. She ended up with red hair and a red dress.

Also this other piece needed to come out of me today. I was about to sit down and do another layer on the little kid pieces, when there was just no inspiration to continue. Instead I was seeing the shape of coriander leaves in my mind. So I shelved the other canvasses for a while and started on this newbie. Number six (#3, #4 and #5, I'll get back to them later) on the summer studio challenge "Reaching for the light", acrylic, ink and paper on 5"x7" canvass board.

Edit: Had to replace the previous photo of the above piece with this one. Too much battle between the actual painting and the bright blue background.


studio lolo said...

Very nice art Jade! The little girl is dazzling in all the surrounding redness, and I love that you have flowers reaching for the light. Nice job!

jennifer said...

i like them both! i have slides of the art in the exhibit but no photos. i do have photos of other art, i'll have to post some..thanks for asking!!