Monday, January 08, 2007


I've been working a bit more on the "girl with the mirror" piece and it seems to be getting along okay, but I'm still a slow poke. I calculated early on that I'll need to do about one each week to finish the summer studio challenge. I don't know if I'll be able to achieve the eight by March 2007 target, but well I'm not sure I can hurry the creative outpourings yet. I did have an idea to get around it over the weekend and hopefully it will work.

Just from this vantage I can already see the next set of adjustments I need to make.

- recolour the back of her blouse
- work on the shadings of her face & hands
- start putting some structure on her shoes
- work on the mirror frame detail, and
- go over her head band again

So far today I've failed to go out for a stroll, due to the weather. It's been dark and threatening all day. I also forgot the time and didn't get the bub to bed till 1pm. Normally she's put down for a nap at 12pm. There's the dishes to do and still lots of tidying up waiting, while here I am blogging away. So so bad! Too much painting/blogging perhaps? Nah!

Last photo of the day is one of my work table or rather what's on top. Can't see surface of it nowadays, as its always piled high with stuff. The pile of books make up some of my inpiration sources - some picture books of the bub's, motif source book, colour mixing and some home decoration books. There's some sewing junk as well, since the table is also where the sewing machine lives. Ah, but that's just too messy to show.

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