Monday, February 19, 2007

Other art on my walls

After a fun-filled weekend, today is reserved for some me-time....or as much time I could manage with the bub literally glued to my hip. Camera in hand, we walked around the small flat looking for today's blog fodder.

Flower and ink etching, late 1999, by Joseph Austin (from his studio near Salamanca Market in Hobart)

Vortex, 2002, by Geri Taylor, ink block press (from her stall at the Central Coast art market some years back)

Lotus mandala, 2001, also by Geri Taylor, oil painting on canvass (same art market as before)

I've always had a soft spot for original art, so whenever I had some dosh to spare off it went to getting some wall adornments. I'd like to show you some more, but the rest are in some dimly lit spots and are just being stubborn at the moment. So another day, perhaps.

Also this past weekend, we went to visit my mum. It had been a while since she last saw the bub and we were already out on the road, the weather was good, I didn't want to stay indoors...yadda yadda ya. Inspired by this recent post from Moonstitches' lovely blog and last week's visit to the craft show, I raided mum's wool remnants and came away with this box of potential....stuffies, pincushions, tote bags....lots of potential in there. Didn't I tell you my mum is the original fabric hoarder from way back? And she lets me raid her stash once in a while. That was my morning, sorting and folding the wools, houndstooths, tweeds and other whatnots.

Now I must refill my cup and be like a potato on the comfy couch. Ciao!


Flibbertygibbet said...

It took me ages to 'understand' that last photo - looks like the cup is floating in the air! (Very pretty china)

amisha said...

serious wool stash envy over here. what a wonderful box of goodness... so much potential there!