Friday, March 23, 2007

And now for some me-time

Thanks, everyone, for all your advice on the missing fabric package. I've emailed and received confirmation from the online fabric store that I bought it from, and they helpfully offered to track it with their post service, while I've been hassling and literally getting in-your-face with my local post men and women....on a daily basis. They've ever been so patient with my whiney nagging (well, it sounded whiney in my mind) and the fruits of these efforts have finally made an appearance! Hooray!!!

The geezer with his gammy right foot....technically achilles tendon.....but gammy foot sounds better, no?......he's been driving me up the wall. That phrase "in sickness and in health" has been getting a mighty battering this week. Fortunately, I managed to escape the madness for a few hours yesterday and today.

Part 1: I packed the bub in the car yesterday, made sure the geezer had food and entertainment, then we headed to the mountains to visit a girl friend and her little girl. Another girl friend and her littlies joined us for a bit of an impromptu burst-day bash for me. The b-day actually happened early in the week, but better late than never. There were little girls laughing, dancing, lots of chatting, presents and chocolate pound cake....yum!

Part 2: This afternoon I was in the city, again sans bub and sans geezer for a well-earned string hop.....and look! Some ric rac, buttons and braid piping (along with a pincushion recently made by moi because its needed to pretty up the photo - tutorial for the pincushion can be found here)....

......and some new japanese craft books. What more could a girl want? An afternoon with girl friends and a spot of shopping makes for a very happy and more relaxed me.


Belinda said...

Happyt birthday!! Phew, the fabric arrived that must of been a relieve!! The craft book on the top looks great, I can only imagine the goodness inside.

crumpet said...

I love those three fabrics in the second to last photograph -- they're beautiful!

crumpet said...

I meant third to last. D'oh!