Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Unceremoniously dumped......not me, but this package was.......on our back door! We live in one of those 20s-30s style flats which have front and back doors, with our back door fronting onto a side street. So how could the postman have known which one our back door was. And to add to the cheek of it, my package was opened! Opened and rummaged, I tell you!

This arrived while I was in the middle of cooking dinner last night. I was so distracted by what could be in it that I may have overcooked the lamb....sorry, dear hub!

Let me say that I squealed with delight when I saw the contents! Our fabric swap host, Miss Flib herself, was my secret swap partner. I feel like I've won the lottery....or the lootery. There were all sorts of goodies in there....a lovely pincushion, some braid, dotty ribbon, nice blue zipper, pink embroidery cotton and a swag of green buttons.

But wait! There's more! I've been eyeing this beautiful cupcake fabric online for ages. As expected, I haven't seen it locally in the shops here.

And the last and best, some Kaffe Fassett to go with the block of Green & Black's, the "little something for my birthday". Could this have been the suspected contraband?

This entire package has made my day, Gail. You can't see it, but I'm smiling from ear to ear. Thank you very much!


Melly said...

wow - what a great swap package - and my MOST FAVOURITE CHOCKY IN THE WORLD!!! Lucky you!! I have had a lot of packages opened lately too =(

Flibbertygibbet said...

Oops, I never thought about them getting opened - will remember that for next time when wrapping things up! Glad you like them x

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- You lucky, lucky girl! Clearly your postal inspectors don't have an appreciation for fine fabrics, or they would have never made it to your doorstep. I'm surprised the chocolate made it. Those fabrics are awesome!!!