Thursday, March 15, 2007

More messenger than saddle

Necessity is truly the mother of invention....yesterday as I was typing out my previous blog post on this 'ere blog, I remembered this old pretty ribbon belt that I had from four, maybe five years ago. Whenever did these belts come into fashion?!

Also, sis, if you're reading this, get rid of this browser window now! There's a photo of your bag in this post and if you read beyond this point, I absolve all responsibility!

Anyway, I tore into it and carefully unpicked the stitches. The ribbon itself is a lovely quality of grosgrain which I wanted to save for the stash......and here it is saying hello to all its new friends.

And the d-rings I rescued from the belt are now part of this bag. Here 'tis with me wearing it. Its meant to be worn across the body messenger style. I was intending the actual bag shape to be more saddle style, but it ended up longish. Its also meant to be sitting up higher above the hip, which should do the trick as my sister is taller than me by about half a head.

It has one main interior pocket..........

....and a shallow back pocket, both with zips. This way her stuff is safe from pickpockets when she's walking along those street markets in Asia.

Okay, I'm off to get a drink now and play with my poor bub, who's been having to compete for my attention while this bag was being made. I'll reserve the "real" stiff drink for tonight!

Edit: By the way, I attached both zips with help from this tutorial from Autum's blog.


dizzyjadey said...

Guess I better start working on that backup bag!

Kate said...

Great bag - you did a wonderful job!

Melly said...

VERY cute bag!!! Im sure your sis will LOVE it - great zipper sections!

picklesticks said...

Wow, the bag turned out well. I like the shape and the fabric of course!

Di said...

Love the bag and I have a ribbon belt like that one! Wonder what I can turn it into!