Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend shenanigans

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend....'coz we sure did!

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who stops by this blog, and a special thank you to the peeps who leave comments. Because comments are like breadcrumb trails and I do so enjoy reading other blogs (I've currently got about 250+ on the faves list :-0) out in the sphere, even better when they're newly discovered. But more than that, comments are encouraging and always help spur me on to explore other crafty adventures. So a very huge thank you!

Last weekend, the geezer, my dear ball-and-chain, had been officially shackled to me for about a year. Has it been a year already? Time flies fast when you're having fun! He took me out for a long slow lunch at The Tea Room at Gunners Barracks. We had a table on the deck right next to the balustrade, so we had an uninterrupted 180 degree view of sunny Sydney harbour.....and he got me a little trinket for being a nice wifey. Sorry, no photos, silly yours truly left the camera at home. If you ever happen to visit Sydney, I'd recommend a visit to this place for high tea even for the non-tea connoisseurs, for the top-notch food and views.

I got these Apak postcards about a month ago now from my favourite online shop. There's three in the set, but I only had room for two in the frame and its gorgeous! The colours are bright and vivid. The photo above doesn't do it justice at all.

Other than the lunch and the framing of tiny art, there was also the requisite DVD evening and some strolling in our local shopping strip. In the nights, I've been dreaming of how to put my sister's bag together. I think I've got it now, just need to execute.

Alright, folks! Have a good crafty week!


Kalie said...

Just glancing through blogs. Loved the framed postcards! I'll have to look into getting myself some. Always in need of something to decorate our walls. Glad you had a great weekend! Hope your week continues to be excellent.

Melly said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! And I love those framed postcards! - I am going to check out your favourite shop now!