Thursday, April 26, 2007

The ecstasy and the agony

I love this Clover bias tape maker. Those Clover folks definitely know how to make my life easier. I could never find the right colour or weight of shop-bought bias ever and have had to make do so many times in the past. I saw this a fortnight ago at Spotlight and was immediately taken with convenience of making my own. And then there were the other ideas that were clamouring for using it on the corduroy smocks.

Of course, all lightbulb moments have their equally nutter flipsides. The first baby smock was entirely machine sewn, which was why I could finish one within a few hours. This one, aside from altering the pattern (what was I thinking?!), has a lot of hand sewing involved.

Because the bias is half the width of the trim I used in the first smock, I stupidly thought I'll hand sew it.....tiny outfit.....shouldn't take long, right? Wrong! So all I've got to show today is some unfinished business.

Also, thought to pass on the source of the cute japanese Thumbelina fabric that I showed you in the previous post. Lots of super duper cute fabric, its like looking at cute craft fabric nirvana. I'm already addicted.

Another late night of agony, folks!


Belinda said...

That bias sure looks a lot prettier than the store brought stuff. Did you cut the fabric on the bias?? I assume you would have to, so you get the stretch you need on the armholes.

Flibbertygibbet said...

Oh that's dangerous - I didn't realise that it made fusible tape!!

Jhoanna said...

Ackkk! You're so wicked - now I won't be able to pay my phone bills because I'll be shopping at that eBay store :-)

Love the bias tape too.

Di said...

That little machine is very clever! I like the top - looking forward to seeing your finished article... I can imagine hand sewing the bias binding will take a while. The fabric shop is great - I wish that there was something similar in the UK - perhaps there is and I just haven't found it yet!

monica said...

really? is it easy?

I love the colours you used!!

evashouse said...

Lovely blog!