Friday, April 20, 2007

Holding pattern

I feel like I'm in limbo at the moment....more like in between large projects, the culmination of the monza quilt top and the next huge one, which is finding a job (blech!). So its going to be lots of small, quick projects for the next few months, nothing that will need my intense concentration, because I'll need to focus on the hunt. Although, I can probably fit in a small doll quilt in there or a small painting....or two. No deadline this time!

Anyway, here's my offering for first self-designed stuffie. I have renewed admiration for the likes of Hilary and Jhoanna...their stuffed toys are so well designed and well proportioned.

The sizings are a bit off and the arm ends are too square, but I actually drew out the pattern for once, instead of winging it. And this was real fun to make, so to pass the time, I'll probably make a few more just to use up the wool stash, after I've adjusted the pattern, of course.

I also need to post about some recent mail goodness I received from Helene from a swap we did. I was only expecting the front three toile fabrics, but she also threw in the lovely printed silk and the nice blue furry braid trim.

Thanks so much, Helene, and I hope my package made it safely to you.

Okay, I'm off to post another swap package before I miss the deadline...yikes!

Edit: The geezer's comment on the stuffie was "Hmmm, not as cute as the other ones you made. I won't give that to any kids!"....and so ends my aspiring ambition to be a stuffed toy designer.


Corrie said...

ohhh lucky you! looks lovely and so does the doll!cute!

christine said...

cute little doll!

(your mellow + yellow swap package went out on friday... hope it gets there soon!)

Jhoanna said...

The doll is adorable! I love the chubby arms and legs and the fabric on the body. The swap package is also very cool.