Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dodgy haircut & other mishaps

Well, that time off wasn't too bad...but still not as productive as I would've liked. I spent too much time replacing towels on window sills when that huge deluge was happening late last week.

Over the long weekend the geezer's bum was permanently stuck on the couch watching Season 5 of 24 on DVD. I couldn't help it! Of course I got hooked. And we've got another three episodes left!

This smock would have to be my favourite. Not for the etsy shop, though. Its going to one lucky girl in the Blue Mountains here in Sydney.

Then, the geezer had the "brilliant" idea of taking the bub to his local little old man italian barber for a fringe trim, since its now covering her eyes. She now looks like a boy and its not even straight. Poor bub!

But my biggest piece of bad luck would have to be the computer crash that happened straight after my previous post last week. No email and no internet for more than a week has made me very grumpy. Hrmph!

Anyway, this dang machine came back from the pc doctor last night running smoother and faster, with the email still on strike. Ack!!! So, dear peeps, apologies for not replying to your comments or attending to your emails, since my internet broadband provider is still hoarding them until they send me a new email password...and I'm not holding my breath for those slow pokes.


Belinda said...
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kirsty said...

She doesn't look like a boy! Far too pretty ;-)

Jhoanna said...

Heehee! She's such a cutie! Don't worry about the hair cut (although I don't think she looks like a boy at all) – it will grow out soon enough! I cut both my daughters' hair and it always turns out extremely wonky (because they can't sit still) – we just tell people that it's the "layered" look :P

Di said...

The bub looks beautiful!! I love those smocks too! Russian dolls are a favourite of mine! Hope the email comes back soon! I know I would feel pretty isolated these days without it!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, the bub looks so cute! And yes indeed, I think that little smock might be my favorite too! Great job!

Corrie said...

i think it looks cute! really cute! i cut keira 's hair and trust me its much worse! I think it looks sweet! we missed you so glad you're back and love the smocks!!!!
ps I love the tea room too! I'm thinking of having a baby shower there next year...we went to a wedding there! yummy

Cathy said...

those smocks are just delightful. I love that fabric of the babushka dolls (is that what you call them). Your bub does not look like a boy - I should know - I have three. the hair is cute - and remember, it grows so quickly.