Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Eight" meme

Sometime back Kate had tagged me with the "eight" meme and I had been mulling long about it. I haven't forgotten, Kate. Just collecting the list and I thought instead of just random facts about me, I'll tell you eight of my habits, the good and the bad. But first I must list the rules:

- Each player lists eight facts/habits about themselves
- The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before the facts/habits are listed
- At the end of the post, the player then tags eight peeps (who else hasn't done this?), posts their names and give them a virtual pat on the shoulder to let them know they're tagged

And off I go....

(1) I hate going to bed with dirty feet. I can't sleep and I will usually toss and turn until I resolve to get up. I then go to the bath and run cold water on the soles of my feet until they feel clean. Sounds like OCD, I know.

(2) I'm very anal about neatness and order. When I used to work, I would always keep my meeting notes and correspondence notes clean and neat. My boss, bless him, used to try and annoy me by making random pen marks in my notebook whenever he could. Nowadays, in my sewing...all stray threads are snipped off and binned as I go along. It probably takes me longer to finish, but it keeps me saner.

(3) I try to avoid public toilets, to the point of pain sometimes. I try my hardest not to touch the door handles when I've been desperate. Over the years they've become disgusting in Sydney......almost down to the level of Hong Kong or any of the other south-east asian capitals.

(4) Just so you know how anal I am about public toilets, whenever I've been desperate enough to be forced into one and its stinkily rank, I always hold my breath....or breath through my mouth....or even worse squeeze my nose shut with my fingers when nobody's looking.

(5) I have a morning routine....get out of bed, take a trip to the loo, prepare the bub's breakfast, wake up the bub, settle on the couch to watch breakfast tv, then feed the bub. If any of this sequence is disrupted or left out in any way, I get very cranky and it pretty much throws out my balance for the rest of the day.

(6) I'm happy to lounge around in my pyjamas all day long.

(7) I always leave dinner meal planning to the last minute. Not good, I know. I've annoyed the geezer so many times by sending him to the shops for some missing salad greenery or ingredient, after he's already relaxed and put up his feet. Thankfully, this hasn't happened recently or I'll be getting sulked at for sending him out into the icy weather.

(8) I can't go into the bathroom without having a look at the state of my eyebrows....and if they've started sprouting off-shoots. then. I. must. tweeze. and. pluck. now.

Good grief! I must get myself seriously checked out. I seem to exhibit more and more signs of OCD every year....or is it just a sign of aging?

As for the tagging, I think this meme has been done by pretty much everyone I know. However, if you're itching to do this and you wanna be tagged, then consider yourself "it". Just let me know in the comments below so I can have a look-see and laugh along with you.

And the photo? Another bad habit or so the geezer craft books are breeding like rabbits.


Kate said...

I agree with you on public toilets - I had a really hard time catching trains across Europe and the US. Great looking bookshelf!

Belinda said...

Ha! now we know all your dirty secrets. I can totally relate to #6 and 7. There is nothing better than spending the whole day in your jim jams.

Cathy said...

thanks for all the lovely info about yourself. I feel I just know you that little bit better now - but I must say, I am with you on the public toilet thing - did you know that I used to go around disinfecting every door handle in my house after anyone had visited? Definitely OCD.

leslie said...

nothing wrong with too many japanese craft books. that is another thing i collect. i stop by the book shop at least once a week. i love living in japan!

posiepatchwork said...

Oh, how did i miss that post, brilliant!! Can totally relate on the anal routine, it's brilliant & the only way i can get 50 hours out of each day. Even when my husband was away for 8 months, I had to live the lives of 6 people every day, with Posie; Edna&Alice May; my husband's Australian based life; my life (what life) the gym & school, preschool & friend committments; plus the 4 children. It is now a blur. A woman who loves routine is well suited to being a military wife. We do the CSIRO diet & it's brilliant, you don't have to think, just follow the meal by meal diary & eat, a lot. The children were born text book routine babies too, I could set the clock by them, including bowel movements, so i could happily avoid public toilets. Having just taken the children to HK, China, Macau & Singapore these school holidays, i can assure you, their public toilets are better than Sydney. Our 3y.o. son would wee then put his hands over his ears saying "auto flush mum??" as everything was automatic, from flushing, to soap dispensing, taps & hand dryers. Just wait until your daughter wants to use a public toilet, my 3 girls still use 3m of toilet paper on the seats at school after i drummed it into them!! Love your OCD, it's totally normal!! Pass it down to your daughter, so you feel normal too. Love Posie