Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another bib hits the dust

Awww.....dang crap photo! I'll replace it tomorrow promise. It's prime time tv oggling time over here, hence the lack of camera-worthy light.

Edit: Okay! New photo loaded and replaced!

What a great feeling to pretend I'm young and untethered again! Today was my bub-free day, you know....and it was packed with lots of traipsing all over the burbs, but not much sewing. These bibs were hot off the sewing machine last night. I finished hammering in the snaps just a few minutes ago.

I spent the morning trapped in a dentist' chair, in a frozen grimace and thinking samadhi yoga-esque thoughts. I was trying to escape the heavy-handed masked lady, into my inner mind. Unfortunately, attempting to meditate myself out of the pain, was making me more ridiculous by the I would involuntarily jerk one or both of my hands like a marionette, followed by an "aerrrghh". Apparently, I did quite well!...and that was just a teeth clean!

Afterwards I braved the hordes at Ikea to get some frames to showcase my prints at the market. I swear the crowds are getting worse, ever since this town was reduced to just one store (we used to have three!). This is a week-day, people! Why aren't you at work?!

Then it was more window shopping (I picked up lots of windows!), fingered some trashy mags and fondled some fabric at Tessuti's, my favourite garment fabric shop across the other side of town.....and before I knew it the day was gone. Kinda productive, yeah!

Funny how time used to drag so slow when I was a wee lass....or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. Nowadays, there just aren't enough hours! Is this the same with you, or is my sense of time off kilter???

Okay, enough babbling! There's still a tiny bit of market prep to do....before Corrie picks up all my wares tomorrow. Ciao!


de vliegende koe said...

Hurray for the bibs, some fun fabrics again! Grrrrr for the dentist, Lovely IKEA frames and great fabric store!
You have a market again this weekend?
Lots of success!

Belinda said...

Mmmm, weren't you at Tessuti just the other day???

I think I may have to perform an intervention! if this continues...

Love the yellow little red riding hood, I don't think I've seen that colourway before...noice!

See you tomorrow, after pickup.

Jude said...

I seriously agree with you. Time on weekends and days off is twice the speed of other days. Days without children are warp speed and actually boil down to about 30 minutes of normal time.

claudine said...

Those bibs are lovely. If I don't speak to you again before Sat, good luck for the market, hope you guys sell lots!!

Thimbleanna said...

Lovely bibs as usual! And you are STILL but a wee lass. Time rushes by faster, the older you gt.

Jhoanna said...

Bibs are such a sweet gift to make for little bubs, the possibilities are endless! I love that your version showcases such cute prints!

Child-free days are such a treat :-) Looks like you certainly made the most of yours! And yes, I have certainly muttered the same thing when I have the chance to visit Ikea on a weekday - "Shouldn't all you people be at work???" Heehee.

Mel Goodsell said...

More fab bibs Jade! Love them.

Enjoy the market this weekend :O)

posiepatchwork said...

I am exactly the same, i am shocked at the amount of people wandering around on weekdays. I refuse to shop unless i have 1-4 children with me, as my badge of "I'm a mother, I need supplies". With all the children at school now, i have 3 half days a week without ANY children & it's wisely spent sewing. Alas, i spent my Tuesday at the dentist too. Worse still, next Tuesday i'm back there. I just lie there, watching television in the ceiling & listen to the indoor tranquil garden & waterfalls (all included in the price) thinking how i'd rather be spending my money on fabric. Good luck with your wares at the markets & you're lucky you have an Ikea - your local Ikea is MY LOCAL IKEA, 4500km away. I loved growing up in St Ives, as getting married while still a starving Uni student, i used the Gordon store to furnish our first little Army house. Love Posie

maybahay said...

would you like to borrow Aidan so he can model the original bibs at the market? i swear, he's only allowed to use those bibs when i know he's not going to have anything that will stain them. that's how much i adore them :-) thanks again.
let us know when you will be manning the stalls again and i'll try to round up some ladies for an excursion.

Di said...

The bibs look great - even in a "bad" photo (which didn't look bad to me) they looked great! It sounds like the bub free day went well - it doesn't matter what you do as long as you enjoy it!!

Corrie said...

those bibs were a knockout!!!!! that store was yoshi jones by the way!!!

SadieandLance said...

I agree with the time thing, adult time and kid time are on 2 different continuums (is that even the right word?! sounds important but heh). You know 10 minutes is a snippet of a day for 'grown ups' like us while 10 minutes is a groan inducing eternity for a kid!