Friday, May 30, 2008

Mustering the crafting

I managed to kick-start the dormant projects around here the other day. There's a heap of patterns and fabric littered everywhere. And even with all that busy bee-ness (it felt like I was doing heaps!) I only managed one house block to go with the others. Dang!

It'll be interesting to see the complete quilt top once all the blocks are finished. There's a lot of scraps I'm seeing from the different bibs, smocks and garments I've made for the kiddo, as well as other little people.

By the way, I'm just auditioning thread colours up there. I'm wanting to hand quilt this lot, but don't hold me to it in case I'm strapped for time.

Anyhow, today's project is another winter smock-y garment for the kiddo. The patterns have been traced and cut. The fabric has been washed and pressed. Just blogging the time away while she's mesmerised by Play School. I'm waiting eagerly for the nap time to start. Show-and-tell will happen on the weekend if I get lucky.

Now whilst I've been busy sewing up half of the kiddo's winter wardrobe, I had neglected to update mine for starting work. The last time I was in an office I was wearing maternity clothes and prior to my preggo state, everything I owned was a size 6-8. Yikes! Most of it is fit to go into the nearest Vinnies bin, I think. So I'm tripping into town tomorrow to get some basics which I can do some mixing with the remaining five items (how? how? how?) in the wardrobe that still fit.....just until the first payday. He he he!

Hope you all have great weekends planned! I'll be scooting over to yours to catch-up on some needed blog-reading.



Louise said...

I love that block and can't wait to see them all together. Daph has decided that sleeping during the day is not for her and then gets all hysterical about 4pm!! She is currently asleep on the couch because it was just too hard to stay awake today! I shall take advantage of that and get sewing!!

Thimbleanna said...

Love the house block -- and given the fun quilts you put together, this one is bound to be a winner too! Won't hold you to the hand quilting 'cause sadly, I fear your time will be limited. But you can do it!!! Have fun shopping!

nicolette said...

That will be a gorgeous quilt Jade, with all the houses. Lovely. Good to see your crafty stuff again!