Saturday, July 05, 2008

In point

I'm so seriously behind on my blogging duties. I hope all you peeps excuse my extreme tardiness in the email replying department. Fortunately for me, craft bloggers are so much more understanding than your usual "joe blow" on the street.

So what's been happening?
  • I started another project. After all, what's another unfinished crafty thingy to do on my already cramped work table? That makes it two quilts, one woolly something, and another one of these......hmmm, four in the pile and counting. Maybe I'll start another one to make a nice lot of five.
  • I forgot to mention that I serendipitously ran into Kellie a few weeks ago at the craft show. We had been playing a bit of email tag, trying to organise a meet-up and lo, I called out her name when I recognised her face above some fabric piles at the Amitie stall. Such a lovely, talented girl....and she is even more delightful in person, than I expected.
  • I still love my new job, although after four weeks I don't feel like the newbie anymore. And we've slotted nicely into routine. I'm even feeling energised in the evenings again. On the downside, we have even less time for house work, blech! Not that our place was ever immaculate.
  • I missed yesterday's hoo hoo. Another downside to working full-time. I may need to organise some random days off here and there, perhaps a first Friday of the month sometime in the next few months.
  • Another upside, I discovered a colleague who knits somewhat obsessively. We've started our collective yarn fingering, her knitting, my crochet, on the half hour bus ride to work. I joked that we must look odd to the other serious suits on the bus. But then, they're all too busy catching up on sleep (its before 8am) to care. Practicing for my retirement, you know.
  • We're eagerly awaiting the reno completion on a townhouse we're doing up on the other side of town. The fricking kitchen guy is the slowest slowpoke ever. He does a really flawless job (we've used him before for some cabinets) and he's cheap, but he's the tortoise of cabinet makers. Ack! Anyhow, now that the end is in sight we need to start the necessary, but unsavoury task of packing. I can't quite believe the amount of stuff and junk we've collected. A big clean-out is in order, I think.
Okeydokes! I must get back to my weekend and try finish one of these wips somehow.

Hope you all have good weekend!


nicolette said...

Good to see you posted again Jade.
Must look fun indeed, two seriously crafty people on the buss that early in the morning! Good luck with finishing, packing, cleaning and sorting out!

Di said...

Good to hear all your news!! Moving house sounds good! But the packing - I agree - for a while I was moving every 6months and became the expert packer, now I've been in the same house for 5 years and the thought of moving.....

I like the sound of your yarn chat on buses - shake up the stuffed shirts a little!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job and getting into the swing of it all, and still finding some time for your crochet! Good luck with the house move.

Kellie said...

Hey Jade! You are not so bad yourself! Lovely to have met you even if I didn't get to give your wee girl a hug! What is this only 4projects not finished you're an amateur! Have a good weekend!

Thimbleanna said...

Yipee, you're there! Glad to hear everything it going well. Don't worry about replying to us -- just let us know how you're doing occasionally. You have a lot to balance now with work -- and moving too? Oh My! I'm terribly jealous of your meetup with Kellie -- I wish I could have been there to meet you BOTH!!!