Saturday, August 09, 2008

This green thing

Sometimes the winter light just doesn't wanna play nice. You get this sort of photo on one side of the room.

Then fricking too much light on this side. Anyhow, I love the bobbly texture of this new yarn-y thing. Except the bobbles are actually on the wrong side. Who cares? I'm wearing them on the outside. The yarn is Zara in the kelly green.

The pattern (again from one of my fave japanese craft books) looks like this on the right side. Still interesting, no? Anyhow, it's curling on the sides. Maybe because I haven't blocked it yet. Naughty, naughty!

And let me explain about the blog neglect......we've got a huge pile of stuff on. It never just rains round our parts. I'm actually remembering my cleaning skills every week, while we have our place open to prospective tenants. I'm getting quicker mind you.

We've also been doing the townhouse reno, which happens to be on the other side of the harbour. Every week is a new item to decide on. This shade or that one, this bench top or that speckled one, this floor finish or this one? It's never ending. And to top it all, I've started boxing the craft room. And I'm embarrassed, crafty peeps, to admit to how many boxes of fabric I've already carted over there and yet, it appears I still have more than half leftover waiting. Ack!

So from next week, I'm abstaining from more fabric purchases until I've answered the storage question in the new craft room. But maybe I'll get around it by replenishing the yarn stash (only one small plastic crate!) with some more green woollies. And sate the fabric craving, maybe.

Hokay! I'm off to crank up the sewing machine. It too has been suffering from neglect.



Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! You're back for a bit -- we savour every post! Good luck with the move -- I'd hate to even think how many boxes I'd have if I had to move my fabric. I was just telling someone that we need a move to get things cleaned out -- we're coming up on living longer here than anywhere. Have fun sewing!

Louise said...

Cool top, cool scarf, cool stitch, cool colour and cool word 'fricken' - I love it all. By the way, Cathy and I have decided finally to do the Stitches and Craft show but only on the Thursday and Friday. So we fly in thurs am and leave Sat arvo. I believe you will be at the show sometime? Is it at all possible to meet you????

fiona said...

i'm 'green' with envy....soory! cant wait to see what you and your sewing machine crank out:)

Kellie said...

I'm with Anna. My husband would like to move and I would too ... as it would be closer to Amitie ... but the thought of having to clear out my cupboards means we will say here forever! Enjoy your sewing machine!

Di said...

Hello!! It does seem like you have been busy but I love that scarf!! The colour and the texture are just perfect!

Over here we are being blessed (haha) with another glorious summer - rain, grey skies, cool days..... so our summer light has not been that great for taking photos either!!

sue said...

Love the green Zara yarn. I havent seen that color before. Good luck with the packing, I think the unpacking is worse to do.

Helen said...

very nice scarf - love the bobbles.

When i did a photography course recently and was asking about photographing a green knit the tutor said green was about the hardest colour to capture in a digital photo for technical reasons - so its not your fault! :)

martine mussies said...

I like it a lot, it's really nice! Keep up the good work! :D Best wishes, Martine