Saturday, September 20, 2008


Geez! Has it been two weeks already since I was here last? Argh!

I've been kinda run off my feet. Work has been nuts, as we're down one person and I'm covering for them, too. Don't know why. I'm still a newbie, but I just got lumped with it. Maybe I'm too nice? Yep, too nice. Specially as I had to soldier on through a bug that was being passed around. I'd forgotten about offices being rampant places of germ-y infestation. Double argh!

But the weekend always puts a better gloss on my ole outlook. And what about this warm sunny day, hey! Ordered it just for you. Spring has definitely sprung.

Anyhow, we did another Ikea dash this morning.....the third since we moved (the place drives the geezer nuts), and this time it's wall adornments. I've been slowly building up a haul of etsy finds (nope this isn't all of it) and auditioning the ones best for the walls.

So far layout seems the biggest dilemma. This wall decor thingy that I see on those design blogs....not so easy as it looks. Schtumped, I am. Anyone have any suggestions? Or maybe you can come over and help hang the dang things.

And you know its nice and windy when the sail boats come out on the harbour.

Mum, this is for you. Hope it convinces you to drive across the bridge to our end of town.

We lucky ducks have this view from our upstairs balcony.

By the way, before I forget the kiddo picked Helen to receive The Creative Family and Allison to get Machine Made Patchworks. Woohoo! So send me your address ladies and I'll parcel up a swag bag each for you.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great! Cheerio!


nicolette said...

Lucky ducks indeed! That’s what I call a view. I love views.
My view are some bushes disquising a garage...
That’s why I love to go to the dunes and the beach and stare at the sea.

Lovely frames with gorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am too, too lucky!
So are the recipients of my Christmas gifts that are going to come straight from that book!

upstateLisa said...

that is amazing to have that view each day! lucky you!

Colette said...

Wow! What a spectacular view. It would make me very happy to wake up to that every morning.

The pictures in their frames look great. Plus my husband can't stand going down to Ikea as well. I heard word that they may re-open the one down at Moore Park centre. I much preferred that one better!

Thimbleanna said...

Well Jade, I, for one, would like to thank you for the beautiful day you ordered up. It was gorgeous here today too. Unfortunately, we're on the down side of things and you're on the up side.

Your view is beautiful! It looks like the view my baby had while there. Is it the same water (LOL, they all look the same to me!)

Tamara said...

You are a lucky duck. That is a beautiful view. And I love your little etsy collection.

I am with you on that ad hoc arranging. Not so simple is it?

Kellie said...

What a view! The pictures look great to me! Isn't it nice to have better weather!

Cathy said...

love your etsy finds - can't wait to see how you arrange them.

Lucky you for having such a wonderful view - next time we are up in Sydney we have dinner on your balcony!!!!!!!!!

sue said...

What a wonderful view. Imagine all those wonderful sea breezes in the hot summer. I love all your prints from etsy, how cute.

Marina said...

Too much art - what a lovely dilemma to have. Welcome to this side of the harbour dear Jade (Don't worry, the natives are friendly....!!)

Corrie said...

wow great view! my mum has the same problem visiting my sister and doesn't tend to drive over the bridge either!!!!!!


66 Stitches said...

Look at that fantstic view! I love it. The frames are fantastic too. I love Ikea for those frames...but yes, hanging them is another thing entirely. Good luck with work and hope to see you at the next meet up.