Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coming up apples

Lots of apples.....in her kitchen (hello bloggy peeps!)

And on the kiddo's apron. We popped over to this market on the weekend to say hello to Belinda and Marina. I had to nab this apron and this perfect little skirt. The cheeky kid wanted to put it on the moment we got indoors.

So that was summer, hey. Dry, hot January, then wet, soggy February. Can't win them all. But as chance would have it, I had the perfect excuse to stay indoors and stitch inch-by-fricking-inch to finish the new couch quilt.

This may be the last time ever I attempt hand quilting on this scale. I'd love to hope that my hands are getting softer and supple with age (like old leather, he he he....borrowed that line from a friend, hope she doesn't mind), but the skin on my fingertips seem to be getting tougher.

Ha! Get it?! I'll be a tough old bag one day.

There are other finished projects loitering here and there. Just gotta get back into the groove of pic-snapping. 'Cos every spare minute we're lazing around in bed. Get up lazybones!