Saturday, April 04, 2009


Us crafters, don't we just love our toys? And as I was playing with this one, I couldn't help hearing that humming base tune Sully was hopping to part way through the movie.


Those Clover folks have done it again! And no doubt I'm the last on the planet to have discovered this wee pom-pom gadget thingy. 'Cos it looks so cute adorning the kiddo's newest korshay (her word, not mine) scarf.

The scarf was a super-quick project......hmmm, four teevee viewing evenings? Yep, thereabouts. It's made of some pretty 8 ply cotton I picked up at my nearest Spotlight, but the pom-poms are made of leftover fuschia Zara wool from another project. 'Cos after a few goes, the cotton just wasn't making nice, ball-shaped ones.

On other news, we've been having so much rain and damp our little patch of grassy yard has turned into a field of mushrooms......Yuck! I know mushrooms are normally very twee and whimsical and cute, but our garden just looks vile. Any suggestions please?

If you have any, please email your garden fungal annihilation tips to jade(dot)ghenzer(at)gmail(dot)com. 'Cos the mushroom infestation is doing my head in. I and the geezer much appreciate it.