Sunday, April 18, 2010

A lot less slippery

Another month bites the dust and still no finished scarf for the geezer. (a whole month's disappearance from the blog, too) It's a tad slow growing. Whereas the month has been a blur.

In between several slow-poke rows, I managed to trace, cut up and sew a new blouse. Except this isn't the best angle, no?

It's getting on in the late afternoon, the light is poor, but here tis. A very floaty drapey cotton-silk blend from Tesutti, with darts and three-quarter sleeves.

I found the pattern in this japanese craft book, another goody.

Here's another pic to show where the hem falls. I cut the hem a full three inches longer than the pattern, so that it falls below my hips a la tunic length. Kiddo, of course, had to think she was the subject of the photo.

The top creases easily, but otherwise wears very well. It looks cute on with both jeans and those low slung crotch pants, which I have a pair of.

Another adventure I had to go through while sewing this top was learning how to thread the overlocker 'cos I needed to serge the seams in black. What a debacle that was!

Ooooh, I love this fabric so much that I'll be sewing with more cotton-silk blends from now on. Just gotta find the next perfect pattern. And while I'm looking, its back to the geezer's scarf rows for me.

Till next time.



rosa said...
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rosa said...

Love that you made it longer than the pattern. Looks better that way! Well done ;)

ingrid said...

Lovely Jade. the fabric looks gorgeous and I bet it is even more beautiful in the flesh.

Thimbleanna said...

Jade! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top! It looks adorable on. I'd love to wear that style, although I'm afraid I might look like a cow. Given the properly draping fabric though.... And look at the Bub -- she looks SOOO cute smiling at the camera!

Laura said...

cute, and I LOVE C's new hair! How is it even possible that she can look even CUTER than before. :)

rachel awes said...

lovely to find you.
ADORE the doll house posting below.
your daughter is beautiful!
best & prettiest inspiration sunshine your way! x