Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby olympics

Our little family was over at another little girl's birthday party on the weekend. She turned two and is so adorable. Anyway, back to the point......... we caught up with some acqaintances who since the last "do" had expanded their families with the addition of several littlies. As mums in groups tend to do, we ended up talking about our bub and their stage on the development charts. Before I knew it, we were unwittingly comparing the sitting, flipping, crawling and flapping milestones with each other. Now, I usually tend to shy away from these discussions, because the grubby bub is slightly behind on the usual baby tricks for her age. Yep, no crawling - not even commando and she's not yet trying to stand up with a prop. She's only very recently started sitting up and we're constantly hearing her falling backwards.......thonk, thonk, thonk. Padded rugs are a godsend. For this very reason, I've decided that mother's groups are not for me. I'd rather feel good for taking this motherhood-guff one day at a time and surviving, than inadequate because the bub's not at the same level as others her age.

On other news I've been busy re-jigging my art/crafting mojo, since it kinda went on holiday for a few days. Don't know what happened but the compulsion to create wasn't there. So because I'm the kind of gal who wouldn't just let this slide, I made something I haven't made before...this pincushion since I needed one.

Then the mojo came back and I managed to put some more paint on my next series of three little pieces. I'll post photos of these when they're finished.

Meanwhile, here's some yummy new fabric for inspiration.....

...and a small painting "Pisces", acrylic and ink on 4"x6" canvas board.

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