Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jade's life soundtrack

I got tagged for the very first time by the very witty and erudite Roy, who writes several art blogs. His life soundtrack version is a very honest read.......well, go on then. Read it.

So the rules:
  • Take your mp3 player, and put it on shuffle.
  • For each 'act' in the movie of your life, write down the song playing on your mp3 player.
  • Add a short 'interpretation' of what that song means to you in the context of the act (Roy's addition, which appeals to me)
1) Opening credits: Trip on Love by Abra Moore - bodes of what is still to happen..."when you feel too much, do you start to panic? when you kiss someone, do you make it tragic?"...but we fall and we always pick ourselves up. Oh, the tiny dramas!

2) Waking up: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles - the getting of consciousness. How old was I? maybe two or three? The wonder and newness of childhood, happy, happy, joy, joy. I had a happy sparkly childhood!

3) First day at school: Star Me Kitten by REM - very lulling melody, don't know if the lyrics actually describe my school days. It was all very mundane, no shagging at all!

4) Falling in love: Acrobat by U2 - an oh so apt track for the first fall!!! And we do fly, tumble and fall very, very badly.

5) Fight song: Nightingale by Norah Jones - I used to be a passive fighter, I mostly still am. A song about a love that once belonged....hmm sounds like the beginning of the end.

6) Breaking up: Wrong Impression by Natalie Imbruglia - "Calling out, calling out, why're you finding it hard just looking at me", wrong connections and falling out. This tune is much too gentle for the actual emotions of the time. Don't think I would have picked it out myself.

7) Farewell: Come September by Natalie Imbruglia - OMG what are the odds? But it is actually quite appropriate. A song about everything wrong being made right, about looking forward to a brighter, shinier future.

8) Life's okay: Better Man by Robbie Williams - this is one of my favourite tracks! Growth, maturity and how to be a better person. I was getting comfortable in my own skin in my mid-twenties and this is so exact.

9) Mental breakdown: (skipping this one, as I didn't have one)

10) Driving: Warning Sign by Coldplay - loved playing the Coldplay tunes on the long drives. About three years in my late twenties and early thirties were underscored by Coldplay tunes. I kept them on random repeat in the car. Incidentally, I also have Coldplay tunes on when I'm drawing or painting. Must be the soothing rhythms.

11) Flashback: You Give Me Something by Jamiroquai - when I do look back on the past, there's nothing I wouldn't do differently. This reminds me of lots of dancing in clubs to funky retro music.

12) Getting back together: I Feel Possessed by Crowded House - now I never got back with any of my former flames, however if I ever did I would be wholly feeling this song. Oh yeah, I did get back with the first one after a six month hiatus, conveniently forgot that happening. What was I thinking?!? Yep, was definite lunacy to have ever gone back to him.

13) New love (my own additional act): Ray of Light by Madonna - how apt! Met the geezer while out clubbing and we danced under the light of a mirror ball to retro 70s music. Very cheese and crackers, yes? But we're both goofballs.

14) Wedding: Music & Wine by Ministry of Sound - mine wasn't the traditional hooley dooley kind. It was very low-key and relaxed, small number of guests and lots of good conversation over food afterwards, pretty much like a dinner party. Except I opted out on the wine, since I was about six months pregnant. It was a shotgun wedding.

15) Birth of a child: If It's Hurting You by Robbie Williams - have you ever had a bowling ball yanked out of your belly? Enough said.

16) Death scene: The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin - great guitar riff! Yeah, I could easily hear my soul floating out to the tune of this track.

17) Funeral song: Octopus's Garden by The Beatles - "resting our head on the sea bed", while the rest of the world waved my passing and moved on. Quite a funny tune!

18) End credits: Nightswimming by REM - wasn't this the end credits song to an actual movie? Anyway, what a great song! I once persuaded a old flame (see 4), 5), 6) and 12)) to play this on the guitar and it sounds excellent on this instrument.

Okay, I did cheat a bit and skipped the AC/DC, Metallica and other heavy metal tracks that came up. They're just not me and I've forgotten how much of the stuff the geezer had loaded on the iPod. And just for good measure, let me inflict one of my pencil doodles on you.

Wow! That was such a cool way to pass some blogging time. And hey, I can actually tag someone now. So I'll tag my lovely bag swap partner Jennifer for this one, if she has some time to kill.

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jennifer said...

How funny! I feel so special!! I will try to do this but it will take me a couple of days... :)