Saturday, January 20, 2007

On fire

This was me this week. You would have thought I was nesting and about to have a baby. All that did happen.........about 8 months ago. This was about a different kind of "baby".

It all started with a pile of fabric I took a liking to and this design which had be drawn late one night (around 11pm) after we had already gone to bed.

My head was buzzing and the creativity was just pouring out in buckets. I knew I wanted to make a winter quilt for the grubby bub before the summer was over.

Four days ago I vowed to start cutting into the fabric and put together the blocks. Fast forward to this morning.....I was sewing the last length of the quilt binding. And voila! Here tis!

You can imagine the rest. The light is appalling here at the moment, maybe its this room. Anyway, next project is this or something similar for mine and the geezer's (our) bed.

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