Monday, January 22, 2007

Slacking and slobbing

Or I can call this post "re-energise and recharge". Finishing the bub's quilt has consumed and depleted my stores of creative energy for the last few days, that I'm just happy to put my feet up and be a couch potato for a wee bit.

I admit to looking longingly at the sketch book and my paints, thinking of the next project , but I just can't be asked yet. Happy to be a slob, yes me.

So instead I've been spending more play time with the bub and teaching her how to sit up for longer periods.........and I think its working. Here's the cutie-pie!

And since its another blue sky sunny day here, we might go outside and hobnob it with the rest of the mums-and-bubs. Some chocolate and cake might be part of the order of the day. Hmmm!

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