Monday, January 22, 2007

Awake again

Funny what a simple cup of orange pekoe tea will do for the soul. Or is it the caffeine that's woken me up? Anyway I am again compelled to make and create.

After coming back from our walk today, the grubby bub and I stopped by the newsagent to pick up some craft and home magazines, a vice of mine. One magazine had an article and pictures of contemporary quilts that I wanted to make........and so simple, too. The one on the cover is stunning!

Here's a better photo of the same quilt.

So once she was asleep in her cot, I went to my work table and did the following:-

1) Sketched the pictures for two more paintings onto the canvasses

2) Drew up a design for a tote bag (for a swap) in the sketch book

3) Figured out the fabric colour palette for our winter quilt

And while I was figuring this out, I realised that there will be a lot more creating here in the next month or so, since there are a heap of birthdays happening in March. Although I'm not quite ready to part with my paintings yet, they are now starting to stockpile. Can I give them away as presents? Hmmm, we'll have to see.

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