Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Don't think that's a word. Anyways, I haven't been around in blogland long enough to know anyone who would tag me on the six-bizarro-stuff-about-you guff. However Di kindly tagged all of her blog readers to just go for their life, so to speak. No rules, just spit it out....six weird things.

1) The pinky finger on my left hand is double-jointed and seems to have its own muscle. So I can at will, bend it backwards to snap and forwards...over and over.

2) I hate going to bed with dirty feet. I can't sleep and I will usually toss and turn until I resolve to get up. I then go to the bath and run cold water on the soles of my feet until they feel clean. Sounds like OCD, I know.

3) I'm very anal about neatness and order. When I used to work, I would always keep my meeting notes and correspondence notes clean and neat. My boss, bless him, used to try and annoy me by making random pen marks in my notebook whenever he could.

4) I get annoyed when people talk and chew with food in their mouth. I also don't like the sound of clinking cutlery or glass against teeth.

5) I try to avoid public toilets, to the point of pain sometimes. I try my hardest not to touch the door handles when I've been desperate. Over the years they've become disgusting in Sydney......almost down to the level of Hong Kong or any of the other south-east asian capitals.

6) I read science fiction and fantasy books. This is kind of obscure. I picked it up back in university and its stayed. I always thought of myself as a geek because of this.

There you go and I've got no one to tag, so....for a dose of homey viewing, here's a bunch of flowers (from the geezer) in front of one of my paintings.


Robert Vandenbego said...

Hi! Do you imagine a Volvo designed by women and for women?. I invite to discover it in my blog to you. ;0)

Robert Vandenbego
Madrid, Spain

Roy Blumenthal said...

Hiya Jade...

Heheheheheheheeh... Does sound remarkably like OCD to me. Hehehe. Have you done any research on the topic?

Although, having said that... it's only the 'd' part of the equation if it disrupts your life to the point of damaging your quality of life.

Did you see the post before my Illo friday superhero one? It's one of those tag games... this one asks you to create a music soundtrack of your life, using the randomise function on your mp3 player.

Have a happy week.

Blue skies