Saturday, February 17, 2007

The boohbah's footsies

Ta da! The last of the eight for the summer studio challenge "the bub's tootsies", 25"x25" painting in oils on gallery wrapped canvass. Phew! A bit more high-brow than the few I've been doing lately, but still lots of fun.

Wouldn't you know it, but painting is actually my first love....even before I discovered boys. I love oil painting and I wish I could make a living out of it. I find it hard to part with paintings, can't bear to give them away. I feel that I've vested so much of myself into each one, that handing it out is akin to cutting off my arm or leg. But, I'll have to seriously look into it sometime soon, as the pile of artwork behind the living room door is now cramping our style.

This is another one I started today, the next massive high-brow...just the first layer, and my first abstract ever. I already know how it looks like in my mind. What you see below is missing at least about four more layers, if not more.

Promise to show some crafting next week!


crumpet said...

I find that the process is the important thing for me when making art. I work through all my personal thoughts and problems when creating, and when I'm finished the piece, it's been resolved and I can move on. At that point, I have no problems passing on the work, because I've finished with it. I do have some things that I'll never part with -- some for sentimental reasons, and others that I've grown attached to over time. This is also why it's good to be a printmaker -- you can always keep one from the edition, and they're generally on paper for easy storage. :)

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Love the feet Jadey.
Painting will always be better than boys or maybe I havn't found the right one yet LOL

Great colour and nice angle. I loke it!