Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Illustration Friday - Sprout

Sally sprouted wings when she least expected....causing her to hide behind the wall from her friends. Nobody knew she was an angel in disguise.

As before, pen & ink on paper after the initial pencil sketch. Had a difficult time figuring out what to draw for this week's theme. I just kept seeing brussel sprouts in my mind, and that's just not my favourite vegetable.....yuck!

Also for the crafty bunch among you, Flibbertygibbet is hosting round two of the fabric swap she had last month. As usual I got there late and missed out last time. Being a fabriholic (yes I admit it!), I'm not going to let it pass me by again this time. Surf on here if you feel like taking part.


emila said...

So cute!

kristin said...

fabric?! yay!! thanks for another link...:)

jennifer said...

ooooh that does sound fun!!

I am SOOO glad you recieved the tote and more importantly that you love it!! YAY!!! I thought that fabric fit your description :) Ikea-ish.