Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lazy days

Yes, I've decided to have a lazy one....oh maybe some crafting later on, if I'm up to it. I just finished the mammoth task of moving all of my favourite craft blog links to Bloglines. They've become unwieldy, folks. There's too many of you talented people and I'm still adding more everyday. It was a great excuse to clean up all the inactive blog links even though my eyes are exhausted... and my finger's got mouse click RSI.

Even lunch was a bit indulgent...chocolate croissant and a cup of chai....yep, who needs a dessert course, when the sweets will do well as the mains?

Now I'll just settle in for some daytime teevee (blah!)....Dr Phil, anyone? Later, I'll dive into this stack of new mags. Funny how the magazine obsession just moves with each life phase, from Vogue & Cosmopolitan Pregnancy.....and now Domino & Martha Stewart Living. To think of all the fabric and art supplies I could've bought with the dosh I've forked out on magazines. Awww, the thought!


lazylol said...

Hi - I saw your comment on flibbertygibbets site and thought I'd stop by for a read. I use bloglines too - it saves lots of time once you get everything loaded.

shula said...

bloglines saved my life.