Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The hit list

You know the feeling when you've committed yourself to something new and different and big. Its usually scary....and in my case drops a huge lump of apprehension in my gut. Just verbalising my feeling about selling these smocks on etsy. But I need to soldier on because I've already started.

So this week's hit list, which I really need to make time for:-

1) Cut and sew the next smock. I have been sewing up a few of these since last week, but I didn't want to give you a blow by blow account of each one. Didn't want to inflict death-by-smock-photo.

2) Fix the fit on the other sizes

3) Choose the design for the summer smock and draw pattern

4) Launder and iron corduroy fabric, all of it

5) Figure out if there's enough to feed the masses on Saturday

6) Figure out where to hide all of my fabric (and the other crap) on Saturday

7) Do a massive clean for Saturday

8) Prepare lucky dip for the monthly blogmeet with these ladies

9) Show my appreciation to Jane for my super flibbertygibbet swap package. She caught on my love of Kaffe Fassett fabric and look at the fabric tacks, not to mention the quilt magazine. Thanks heaps, Jane!

Oh yeah! We're having loads of company on Saturday arriving for the bub's birthday and whatever possessed me to try fit 40+ people in this small flat is beyond me. Doh! Must be the medication.


Melly said...

What a great idea to sell your smocks on Etsy!!!! I am sure it will go exceedingly well - no apprehension necessary!! Good luck with the party - It will be crowded but that is all the more fun!

kirsty said...

You'll be a hit, I just know it!! I am so jealous of your swap fabric :)

claudine said...

I love your smock designs! I'm sure they'll be a hit :)

Corrie said...

oh they look gorgeous! I'd have all of them

now remember on friday to HOLD ON TO YOUR PRESENT!!!!!!!!!! just kidding I bet you will be

oh and good luck with the party! I'm so glad ours is over! I cooked all day saturday, was up at 6am sunday to ice the cake, do chicken, cut fruit and pack the car! having it at a park was the best decision ....EVER!!!!!!!!

Cathy said...

I made a smock tonight from a Japanese book - you are my inspiration Jade!!! Pity none of my boys will fit into the smock.

I just remembered tonight as well, you were talking about handsewing the bias onto the smock. Have you got a bias binding foot to your machine. It's a bit fiddly but it is well worth it and it goes on straight every time. Needs a bit of practice.

Go for it with Etsy and enjoy the big party on Saturday - It is such a big milestone.

What colour smock will she be wearing?

Di said...

I am sure that your smocks are going to be great! Hope the bub had a great birthday!!

Kate said...

Very cute smock designs!

Chookyblue said...

Have fun with your blog met. Wish I could do something like this but no one lives anywhere near me.

Kirsty said...

Your smocks are very cute. I just stumbled across yor blog and read about you wanting to start up an etsy shop. Thats exactly what my last post was about, not sure about starting the store. My biggest hurdle is thinking I had better get a good banner before I start.LOL

little dresses said...

just go for it don,t be scared!!! if you need any support just look my way. i just started too! you will do great i know it.