Friday, June 01, 2007

Where she holds on to her package

Socially awkward situation finally averted. I managed to hold on tightly to my lucky dip package during this morning's blog meet with Belinda, Corrie and Claudine....and look what I scored!!!

Belinda made this gorgeous patchwork scarf from wool, some superbuzzy fabric, a vintage button and some thick linen blend material, which feels so cosy and warm against my neck. Can't see it properly? Here's a better pic.

The scarf is so well-made, too. By the way, if you haven't visited yet, Belinda has an etsy shop, where you can get your hands on her beautiful cushions. Thanks so much, Belinda!

Next on the hit to feed the marauding hordes tomorrow.


Kirsty said...

Hi Jade I'm planning on doing my own banner for etsy (just a matter of getting to it) I thought you would do your own, look at the banner at the top of your blog fantasic!!!

Belinda said...

Thanks Jade, I'll have to get my sister to source more of that backing fabric. So I can make some scarves for the market.

Also, nice job on the smocks. They look great inside and out!

2paw said...

You are so lucky to 'dip' that scarf, I wondered what Belinda was making!!! It looks great!!

tiffany... said...

ohhh... i love that superbuzzy fabric... and that scarf is so cute!
you're wearing the same shirt as you are in your about me photo... i love that!
not to mention how cute those smocks are... dang! you're crafty!

62cherry said...

beautiful scarf :)