Friday, May 04, 2007

More blather

First of all, a big thank you to Christine, my Mellow+Yellow swap partner, who sent me this package of green-ness. I actually received it earlier in the week, but with all the drama happening earlier, I hadn't managed to post about it. My favourite would have to be the box of green tea and the herb kits. There's also some pens, some cute hair slides, a little show-off album for the bub's photos, a candle and a bit of Flea Market Fancy.

Secondly, thank you everyone for all of your useful suggestions on the overlocker/serger question that I had from my last post. I'll personally respond back to all of you before my evening is out.

Also, today I met for the first time these three lovely ladies and crafty bloggers, in person. I had been so looking forward to this little blog meet for weeks....then I scuppered my bit, doh! You see we had agreed to do a lucky dip, instead of a four-way swap. Then we wouldn't have to make three of everything....less stress, yada yada yada, you know what I mean. Anyway, I brought in a little dotty bag, my package which was made up of the latest wristlet, some japanese fabric, some home-made bias and a little project. Doofus that I am, lost the bloody (am I allowed to say THAT word in cyberspace?) package when I wasn't looking. I looked everywhere and its as if it just vanished....or probably inadvertently filched by little fingers. We were in a playground, after all. Oh well! Honest girls, I really did bring something and I really am crafty.

But it didn't matter too much anyway. Belinda, Corrie and Claudine were all so gracious about it and started chatting lots of crafty-speak, that I forgot about the kerfuffle after a while. I really enjoyed your company, ladies. Thanks for inviting me along!

Alright, I'm now going to plan dinner while I oggle an apron project from this book.....a belated birthday pressie from the geezer. Isn't he a good boy?

And waiting for me tonight is more sewing on the second smock, while the geezer goes out to get inebriated with his mates. Quiet evening for me!


Belinda said...

lovely to meet you too. It's a shame about your parcel, I would of been pissed too. See you next month, but talk soon.

Di said...

Love the mellow and yellow green stuff! Love the fabric and love the fact that you got to meet fellow ccrafty bloggers!! Enjoy the quiet evening!

tash at poppyseeds said...

How is that sewing book - is it worth getting Jade?

Violet & Rose said...

Oh Jade, that is so something that I would do with the parcel! And I would be so flustered about it. Sounds like a good little get together though.

miss marzie said...

Jade, I have been wanting to get that book - can you let us know what you think of it? Enjoy your serenity!!!

Anonymous said...

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