Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time does fly

We must have been having fun....or the days have been full, 'cos its feels like aaages since I last posted. Five days is a long time in blogland, isn't it?

I myself have been keeping very busy the last few days doing a major clean-up of our flat. About twice a year as the seasons change, I stress and I panic about how like a pig-stye this place is, usually brought on by my inviting some guests over for dinner or lunch. That's my excuse, anyway. So, now that the "woop woop woop" has been done, I can sit back and let the dust bunnies pile up on the floor boards........until it starts bugging me again.

And I do have friends coming over for a girly lunch today, so I must disappear into the kitchen now to do some veggie chopping.

But not before I show you the latest smock, this time using dark-ish blue, more like indigo coloured corduroy and some Moda Building Blocks fabric. The construction of this one is much, much better than the green one and it looks better with the longer ties.

By the way, because you asked, the Lotta book from my last post definitely gets the thumbs up from me....and it comes with patterns! How excellent is that?! Anyway, if you'd like to see a more comprehensive and accurate (I think) review of the book from someone more knowledgeable than me, then surf on here for a read.


Belinda said...

Gawd, you sound like me. If only people knew what my place looked like the rest of the time.

Another lovely smock, now if only it was cold enough for that smiley bub of yours to wear it.

claudine said...

What a cute smock! Oh, and happy 100th post :) I've enjoyed reading your blog, here's to many more crafty goodness! :)

Kylie said...

Oh I love this littl eoutfit - I love the colours and the design - lovely

Chookyblue said...