Thursday, May 10, 2007

Out in the open

Funny how as I live my "real" life, every now and then I come across some very clever turn of phrase or some remark that came up in conversation....and I say to myself "hmmm, must use that sometime in the blog" to make it sound witty and clever-like, you know. Of course, it never happens and I wish blog material could roll off my tapping fingertips so easy. So today, I'm just blathering and free-associating on the blog topics in general.....because I'm grasping for material, so to speak.

There's the various swaps, the mountains of projects, not to mention the imaginary ones still knocking about in our heads and the shopping.......let's not fool ourselves, folks. We may be fossicking deep for vintage (read old & most times smelly) finds at the local brotherhood, vinnies or salvos bins, but it is still shopping. And lastly, the best source of material is real life as it unfolds and the instances when the real collides with the blog, like last week's mini blog meet.

As I review some of my archives I can't believe how much I've included the bub and the geezer in my ramblings. Also, when I started, this blog was my guilty secret, another life, another part of me tucked away to pass the time while the bub is napping. Not so anymore, since my mum, my sister, the geezer's aunt and four really good blogless friends have become lurkers.

Now that its out in the open, I'm not keeping too silent about it anymore. (Get to the point, woman!) And this post should've been written as the last one, because that was the 100th post! (Silly me wasn't paying attention.) Yeah, I can't believe I lasted this long....phew! So thank you, bloggy friends, regular readers, commenters and tourists. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be blathering about nothing today.

And if I haven't lost you, yet.........the parcel of goodness above is from the lovely Tamara, because she picked up my suggestion on what to do with some pretty fabric she had. She even included some cute ribbon clips, which she makes. Yay!

So cheerio for the rest of the day! Hope to see you again next time, same place, same channel.

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