Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random meme

I was going through my daily blog fix this afternoon when, to my delight Cathy had tagged me for the "random" meme. I guess I've finally arrived in the craft blogosphere, since this is my first time tagged by a fellow crafter. Hooray!

So here are the rules:

  1. Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself (ah, but can I keep to just seven?)
  2. People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
  3. Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names

Here I go:

(1) I'm a notorious shopaholic...I'm always in recovery, mind you. Being at home with the bub is a balm for my "naughty" ways. I'm learning and I'm hoping to be on the mend.

(2) Don't laugh now, but I'm married to an accountant. Yes, the geezer does count every single cent that I spend, most of the time. I'm well-practiced in the ways of deception. For example he says "Hello! Pretty've never worn that before." "Uh huh, I've had it in the cupboard for ages. Don't you remember buying it at the shop with me?", she says innocently. Nowadays it goes more along the lines of "I see you've been shopping again" he says bringing in the mail. My standard retort is "Oh, I ordered that two months ago. Doesn't it feel great? I get a shopping fix that lasts two months long?".........smirk, smirk, wink, wink.

(3) I'm a shoe whore. At last count, I have about 78 pairs of shoes in the closet....oof, not counting the several pairs of runners on the hallway rack. I believe it all started with me having narrow feet. I used to have a terrible time finding comfortable, let alone stunning shoes. Whenever I found one, I'd snap it up without hesitation. Weeell.....that's what I tell myself anyway.

(4) Also on the shoe-related vein, four years ago while on a flying visit to see the geezer's aunt in New York, she took me to a Manolo Blahnik warehouse sale, which happened to be in a hotel somewhere (downtown? I've forgotten). She just happened to be the kind of gal who was in the know about this sort of thing. Anyway, when we got there, everything was gone, of course. But sitting in the waiting room was Cynthia Nixon, post Sex & the City with about 20 boxes of delectable shoeness next to her chair. For a brief moment, I was breathing the same air as one of the fab-four-with-the-divine-heels.

(5) Whenever a piece of electrical equipment fails around here, I'm the one who usually fixes it. Back in the day when the geezer and I were newly acquainted, he once came to me with a broken vacuum cleaner bemoaning that he'd have to get a new one, can I come and choose one with him, please? I took one look at it, took the tubing thingy apart, put it back together, plugged it in, turned it on and cleaned the room. In fact, I'm the one who puts together any flat-packed furniture that makes it way home here.

(6) I love chocolate creme brulee....this is my dessert vice of choice. I don't know how to make it, but whenever we eat out and its on the menu, then for sure it'll be on my plate before the evening is out.

(7) Oh, yeah....and I met Mother Teresa, nay, I kissed Mother Teresa when I was about 11 years old. Back in my catholic school, we had one week in the school year where we had to sign up to do some volunteer work in some charitable religious organisation. I picked to spend the week in an orphanage run by the Sisters of Charity. Anyway, on the last day, around lunch there was a strange commotion near the gate. The nuns and all the children were all gathering around a nun near this combi van. Everyone was touching and kissing her. By some bizarre circumstance I got pushed to the front and this nice old lady offered her cheek. I didn't want to embarrass her, so I gave her a small peck on the cheek. After the van left, I asked one of the sisters who that was and she looked at me like I was a ninny, then told me who she was. (Cue myself with jaw dropping to the floor) Hey, I was 11 and still playing with Barbies! What did I know?!

Okay, enough about me....not exactly riveting reading. I'm now tagging Belinda, Claudine, Gail, Tamara, Anna, Tash and Sarah Jayne. Now, I suspect there'll be a lot of double tagging happening, since I've seen this meme going around for a few weeks now. So, ladies, no pressure. I know a lot of you are super busy... so only if you're feeling like it.

Anyways, just thought you'd like to see the fit of those smocks. I finally got the opportunity to convince the bub into the get-up and here she is. It looks more like a pinafore dress on her at the moment. I suspect that as she gets bigger, it'll start to fit more like a top.

And lookee.....pair number 79, from today's foray.


Sarah Jayne said...

Thanks for tagging me (I think ;-))And it was great to hear your 7 random facts. I'll do my best to be creative. However I can't beat meeting Mother Teresa - but I'll give it my best shot.

Belinda said...

suffering from serious shoe envy. Sadly they were too narrow for my big hoofers.

Thanks for tagging me. I've just posted mine. I must say they definitely aren't as witty or impressive as yours.

Enjoy tomorrow, I'm working the whole weekend boowho!

Corrie said...

oh so cute..the smock, model and shoes! very cute!! I can't believe you met Mother Teresa....ohh and where did you get those shoes

and I love creme brulee...its my dessert of choice

Di said...

I laughed at your shoe fetish and the reason for it! I too have very narrow feet but I seem to only have about 11 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe and they all have laces or buckles - skinny feet does make shoe buying difficult! Bub looks fab in the smock top! Can't wait to see more of your creation!

Cathy said...

Jade, you really do make me laugh - especially about Mother Theresa!! As for shoes, that is another thing we have in common - narrow feet. I buy shoes when I can get them - I have many too but I think you win that competition easily. Creme Brulee is my absolute favourite too. I have been married for nearly 20 years and I can still fool my husband into thinking that my latest acquisition is months old!!!
By the way, I just love the smock you made for your beautiful bub. Well done!!

Kate said...

Sweet smock! 79 pair - off to tell my husband that I definitely don't have too many shoes and I need more.

Melly said...

Wow - you actaully met Mother Teresa!!!!! That is pretty amazing, she is definately one of the most amazing women in the history of time! And I am with you on the "handy woman" thing - I am mrs fix-it around here and my husband usually leaves repairs to me - funny!!

claudine said...

I have to laugh at #2. My husband is not an accountant but he does the same thing :) And yes, I'm also familiar with the "ways of deception" ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! What a loaded post! (Which will cause me to be exclamation point heavy.)
1) What a little doll that Bub is! The smock is perfect.
2) Aren't you sweet to tag me! And it is indeed a double tagging event -- my May 7th post hit on my item #7 and referred to my previous 6 in an older post.
3) You are indeed a shoe whore! (Or as we say, ShoeSlut.) 79! Holy Cow -- Most impressive!
4) You're living the younger parallel-life AU version of my life -- narrow feet, handy man, sneaking purchases, etc. LOL.
5) Chocolate Brulee??? Really??? I've never had such a thing -- sounds like HEAVEN!!!