Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meet the boys

I just realised now that I have occasionally referred to our two furry house hoggers, but never properly introduced you.

May I present to you Master Jasper....the other apple of the geezer's eye and the biggest sook. This is what he looks like after his regular wash, cut and blowdry.

Then after a scant few weeks, back to this hairy and mangy slut of a mutt. He's a cross shihtzu-maltese, so a very cute doggy, indeed. In fact, I always forget that he's almost 10 years old because of his size......except when he goes to bed and out-snores us all humans.

And this is our tearaway he-cat named Pasha, who hardly has any photos because he's camera-shy. He's a siamese cross alley-cat. This one used to be an indoor dweller, but once he tasted the outdoors he couldn't get enough of it.

So far all the kiddos are co-habiting happily together. Although that may change when the bub learns walking and chasing.

Okay, folks. This insomniac must plod on to bed now....if you must know it's about 4am. Blah!


Belinda said...

4am! how do you back up the next day, I hope I didn't wake you yesterday.

Love Jasper, very cute..even when he is all mangy!!

claudine said...

I had to laugh at the 'before and after' pics of Jasper.. :D So cute :)

2paw said...

Hey Jasper: very smart looking indeed. The Labradors send wiggly wags!! They would like to acknowlege Pasha too, but they're not sure if they'd all 'get on'!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Did you make the Bub sleep all day? You must be tired! And very pleased to meet your other two children!