Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's a girl to do

The bub's away today for her very first day at child-care....just one day a week for now. I think I'm suffering from separation anxiety, and to think that in my haste to feel some freedom, I forgot to say goodbye to her. Pooh! Serves me right!

So I ended up doing a bit of morning shopping in the city.

This craft book has some pretty, girly summer dresses. Its also available here.

The cover outfit and the ones on these two page spreads are my favourites.

I ended up getting some clothes as well, since the sales are on. I can't remember the last time I shopped for any clothes....must've been just after the birth last year, to get some less tent-like pieces to fit into. How depressing it was! I felt like mutton dressed as lamb....since when did thirty-something girls dress like teeny boppers?! And yet everywhere I looked in the city...a score of ladies, including those older than me are trying to channel the Lindsay Lohan look.

Methinks I really need to start making my own clothes! Anyway, I must get my butt away from this computer and shorten some trouser cuffs.....and try not to miss the bub, much.


Corrie said...

you will love your day off! keira goes every thursday and loves it and they love her. She has so many toys to choose from and they do messy things like painting which mummy isn't brave enough to do at home! it gets easier but 3pm can't come soon enough!

2paw said...

What to wear, what not to wear: it is a problem. I love the wrap around dress though, it's gorgeous. Hope you had a nice day!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Yes, I feel your shopping pain. I hate to clothes-shop for that very reason. It's much more fun to fondle fabric and dream of what it might become. I guess that's why making clothes is still one of my favorite activities.