Saturday, August 11, 2007

Breaking the blog break

I knew I couldn't stay away....not when the laptop is so tantalizingly close to both "singers". The lure of the blogosphere is always close. And of course you know, cos I've been popping into your blogs the past few days.

Then, when Anna and Jude both dangled some carrots to get me out of hiding, I had to laugh! Ah, you girls! However, more on that later as each deserves its own separate post methinks.

Anyways, I've been busy......beavering away on a smock.....and thinking up a bucketload of stuff to make. With the impending warm weather just a whiff away, I'm also planning some sewing for the bub's summer kit. And speaking of summer, here's a peek of the outdoors (because I always show only indoor pics) while we were having our morning shot of caffeine.

Balmoral Beach with the lone crazy swimming in spanner water.

The view towards the harbour.

Arty farty look at the boardwalk with my hooty tootsies.

And the bub looking very cosy indeed!

And now for some utterly shameless self-promotion (hope you don't mind, I borrowed your turn of phrase, Kirsty), I've plunged into printing some of my tiny artwork and am quite happy with the result when they came back from the printers. So happy, in fact that now I can share some of these with you. Go ahead, have a squiz....they're all in the shop.

Now I'll leave you with some actual thrifting found at the Salvos during our outing....the first time ever I got lucky. The broderie anglaise edging on the pretty pillowcase, I'm thinking of ripping out and turn it into a hem on a summer dress for you-know-who.

This fab find is a kit to make the skirt and sunsuit, complete with instructions, thread, elastic and the retro print. I couldn't really leave it behind...not when it was just a dollar.

Cheerio! Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


Corrie said...

ohhhh wasn't it a glorious day to today! I really loved the warm sun and your photos show it!

now which salvos as that stuff looks good! how lucky to find that kit!I'm now on to church fetes and large garage patterns this morning but so many other cute things to make up for it!

and congratulations on your cards!!!! hope you put some in this months lucky dip..hint hint


have a good weekend :)

posiepatchwork said...

My Jade, those cards are gorgeous!! I learnt to swim at Balmoral Beach, my mummy is English & can't swim, so this was the only beach she felt safe at. My Dad was also posted to HMAS Penguin for a while, but we still lived in St Ives. Memories . . . does your sweet baby like hunting for star fish & crabs in the rock pools?? My guys do, we used to visit Balmoral for any excuse when we were living in Sydney, the play ground is awesome - i have climbers!! It was 32C here today, hot & sticky, poof. Love Posie

claudine said...

Good to have you back on the blog, Jade :) And I LOVE those prints! Well done!

Chookyblue said...

gee thanks was a big blog break....he he...well I guess you had to much to report about the excitement got to much.....pleased it did as we would have had to wait to long........

Jude said...

Those cards - ack! So flamin' good - I love them. Roll on next pay! You did so well in the garage sale - I never have such good luck.

Mel Goodsell said...

The cards look awesome Jade!

I love the pic of your little one all rugged up in the pram, so so sweet. The pics are lovely too, it looks a tad warmer there than it is at my house today, although the sun is trying hard to peep up a little.

Your finds look fabulous too.

leslie said...

nice shoes! ;)

Di said...

Haha!! The lure of the blogworld is strong....I love the view from where you are!! The sea looks so inviting!

Your cards are great! I will have to take a look over at Etsy!!

Anonymous said...

Love the clothkits kit. Clothkits is an old English business, which used to be run from Lewes, Sussex. The daughter of the couple now has a business based from home at Firle, Sussex. Do a search on Firle -clothkits- bed linen. She does bed linen etc now. Clothkits did great fun kits hand-printed fabric.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My brain remebered the business name of the clothkits daughter!! Noolibird is the name and the website is here:
Nice for people who likes clothkits as kids to see the work now done. Their designs were colourful and fun- bolder than the kit you have there, and the catalogues were great too, and stripey colourful socks and rainbow t-shirt dresses. Vanessa.

nula said...

Hello Jade,
Its great to see your illustrations and very lovely little dresses. I was googling for where
Noolibird was linked to as its my company and its interesting to see what comes up, and I found your
blog, my Mum and Dad did Clothkits. My website has a blog too as its meant to be good for optimisation but I'm not much good at blogging I'll study yours and I might get the hang of it, I liked the photo of your daughter, very cute.
All the best