Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice & rocking, too?

Awww shucks, you girls! And I'm talking about Anna and Jude who've both nominated me on their blogs for some virtual group hugs and back patting. Thank you so much, ladies! I feel so chuffed to be part of your circle.

Because being nice does matter even if we never ever meet each other in the real world. The acknowledgment, the replies, the comments and the emails all add up to how we hold each other in high esteem. Yes, I am capable of writing some serious guff, too!

I don't think I can only give this out to seven bloggers, that's just too narrow a field....but I'm going to try. Here are seven of the nicest ladies I've met since I've started blogging.

Belinda, Corrie, Claudine, Gail, Melissa, Jude, Di and Cathy, please stand up. You, too, Anna! Some of them I'm pleased to know in person, some of them I've known since my early blogging days (when I had almost no readers) and some of them I only met recently....I'm not going to elaborate on the why, but I think once you visit their blogs it's quite obvious that their good cheer, warmth and just general niceness is so infectious, you'll want a piece of it, too.

Now I never thought of myself much as a "rockin gurl blogger chick", but I'm so thrilled to be tagged by Jude as one.

And I'm pleased to say the following five ladies are all rockin' and rollin'. So come on down, Nicolette, Anna, Monica, Leslie, Leslie and Jhoanna! Their blogs always give me lightbulb moments, with their novel crafty ideas and gorgeous photos. Any blog that makes me want to go rummage my stash is inspirational in my book. (Yes, there's more than five, but I couldn't not include anyone.)

Hokay! I'm off to take craft book photos and get on with some sewing. Hope your week is good!


de vliegende koe said...

Congratulations on your awards, you really are nice and rockin’ and thank you Jade, I’m rockin’ around the clock!

Corrie said...

awwwwwww you deserve it don't you and thank you! I too got a rockin blogger award but it was just before I went to japan and obviously my preparations went to my head and i forgot to blog away! thanks for the book tips too! Im making my list and not showing hubby....yet!

Mel Goodsell said...

Oooh you're so lovely :O) Thankyou for nominating me, so sweet :O)

Congratulations on your awards too!

Jude said...

Jade - you must have known I needed this tonight cause I had a crumby day at work - so crumby I cried - I never (NEVER) cry at work. Then I got home and told my 'geezer' and cried all over again. Then i lost myself in blogland and started to recover - and now I am smiling - having read this! Thank you doll face!

claudine said...

Congrats on your awards Jade, you do deserve it! And thanks for nominating me too :)

Di said...

Gee thank you for your kind words and your nomination!! And congratulations on all your nominations - very much deserved for your great mixture of happy nonsense, fabulous craft works and of course the bub!!

Corrie said...

heh I got keira's tee at cotton on kids! great stuff there and she also has my mum rocks! thats my favourite!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, aren't you a sweetie! Boy, would my boys laugh at the Rockin' Girl award -- their mom rockin??? Now you know why you got the NICE award -- and more than once!!! I hope I can ever catch up to do a rockin' post! LOL.