Friday, November 30, 2007

30th daily

And what lessons I learned from this challenge....about me and about you bloggy peeps. There's much to share and yes, list. Don't we all crafty types like a list?!

1) This daily blogging is not easy.

2) The fabric diet was a walk in the park by comparison.

3) In the first week, there was much floundering around for topics to write about

4) One good friend came to the rescue with a list of topics to cherry pick. Thank you!

5) By the third week, I was in a groove. The blog writing became part of the daily routine.

6) I was stringing words together into blog posts in the middle of the night.

7) While watching Dr Phil.

8) In the middle of the geezer's daily tirade about his office shenanigans.

9) While chopping vegetables.

10) And while I was trying to zone out on the dentist's chair....yesterday.

11) There's usually about three topics discarded for every blog post that gets written.

12) And a whole lot of revising and sometimes deleting involved.

13) Writing a late night blog post equals 2nd rate photos.

14) I can't stick to crafty topics when I have to blog everyday.

15) You bloggy peeps seem to like fabric....well, duh!

16) And the actual finished craft projects.

17) And of course, the bub.

18) I'm judging this by the number of comments.

19) I'm realising I'm the worse kind of writer.

20) The kind who writes rubbish, but thinks they don't. (See yesterday's post!)

21) Thank goodness, its not my bread and butter!

22) The next big thing on my wish list is a good current one is spluttering.

23) You should be able to guess now why I affectionately call my husband the geezer.

24) Could this have something to do with my new email address maybe?

25) I'm looking forward to sporadic blogging again.

26) And using the three-hour nap time for actual sewing, drawing, painting and just slacking.

27) Take note of number 23)

28) Because there's a giveaway lurking there.

29) For you lovely bloggy pals who've stayed with me for the past thirty days!

30) If you can guess (in the comments) the answer, I'll put you in for the draw for a thank you package.

That's right! It'll be from the bub........I'll personally pick the name this Sunday, 2nd December and announce the winner on my next post sometime next week.

Okeydokes! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Edit: Rightyho! We have a winner.....stay tuned for the next post.


Emskyrooney said...

I'm guessing that your last name is fairly similar to Geezer if you drop a few letters from your name....
Great blog by the way- I'm de-lurking!

chik austin said...

Oh, I'm so lost. But that's nothing new!

Jen said...

Hi Jade,

Your married name, Ghenzer, I'm guessing?

Can't remember if I've delurked here before, but I love your blog and your beautiful sewing... and especially your most gorgeous, delightful bub.

Joy said...

Yep, I am going with his last name! I have enjoyed your posts over the last 30 days! Thanks for sticking with it as it was enjoyable!

Donna said...

I'm thinking geezer might have an accent like you'd hear on the bill?????????? Congrats Jayde for sticking with daily blogs - I know I couldn't do it. Not enough interesting stuff in my life.

Donna said...

And congrats to me for spelling your name wrong.......what's with the Y I threw in there. jeez I'm losin' the plot. Must be Christmas!

Louise said...

Hey Jade, it has to be his surname - which I commented on last night to my husband (who probably wasn't listening) "oh that's why she calls him the geezer" after receiving your email.
Thanks for 30 days of posting - I could NOT do it without it really annoying me so well done.

Kuky said...

Yes I'm with the Ghenzer theory. I noticed something was different in your last email to me. I couldn't figure it out until I read this post (I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes or a lot).

suby said...

congrats Jade, I will miss your daily blogs! No matter how inane it's been great to have an insight into your workings! I'll go with the surname as well, but I do have a dear english friend who loves saying "g'day geezer stick it in yer freezer!" must be an essex thing, but always makes me laugh!

de vliegende koe said...

I have seen your e-mail-adress and indeed I understand the geezer’s name now! It was fun to stick with you for 30 days! You’ve done a great job and it’s always fun to read your posts and I love your style of writing! I watch Dr Phil at night too...

Claire said...

Hi Jade,
I'll come out of the woodwork to get in the draw! Um, is it something to do with your surname? :-) I've not posted to my blog for ages. We moved house and I'm pregnant so that's my excuse.

Claudine said...

Just want to say that I've really enjoyed your daily posts, Jade! No rubbish at all! I love the inspiration and the entertainment :) And the bub of course :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Definitely the last name.

I think commenting is down in general. Too many blog posts on every blog in a very busy month methinks!

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, I'm going to have to go with the popular answer -- the last name. I was going to say it was somehow related to your wanting a new camera and the "old geezer" said no or something. LOL. Anyway, you've done an exceptional job with your daily posts -- they were always interesting every day -- that's a hard thing to do. I've loved reading them and you seem to have us readers well figured out -- bring on the fabric, projects and especially the Bub!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm cheating, surname apparently but I thought it was 'cause he was not into this whole blogging thing.
Not "cool" like you......

crafty things said...

Congratulations! You made it. Loved all the posts. I'll go with the flow and say the geezer has to be to do with how his surname is pronounced.

Di said...

And here was me thinking it was because he made you say geez all the time - therefore being the "geez"er man!!

Tamara said...

1. I am a fan of the lists too.
2. Congrats for finishing - dont know how you have lasted, colour week was bad enough for me.
3. I am buying a new camera in the next few weeks too. We should compare notes.
4. You are so lucky to have THREE hour nap times - enjoy them.
5. I have no idea what I am guessing, but I do enjoy reading about your creations.

Corrie said...
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Little Munchkins said...

I say it's your husband's surname as well. I do love reading your blog too. Your little girl is so cute.

Sarah Jayne said...

Wow 30 posts in 30 days - I'm very impressed. Such a great range of topics and photos.

maybahay said...

well done jade. did you find that your fingers were tapping away even when you were away from the keyboard?