Thursday, November 29, 2007

Panic stations

Would you believe it? Right in the middle of NaBlo-blah-blah we’re swapping over broadband providers and I was internet-less (read: friend-less) all afternoon.....and the early evening. Gah!

(Project courtesy of Marie Claire Idees, Sept 2007)

My memory is failing me. I entirely forgot that Mr In-house Accountant had been shopping around for a new ISP a few weeks ago, found a woohoo deal and had booked our new service to be connected up two days before the end of daily blogging. Double GAH!

(This one, too)

To make matters worse, I still had to organise the cancellation of our current broadband service…..and who knows how long those yahoos will take?

F&*?, F!%$, F@*&! There you go…..I've just broken the “no swearing on the blog” rule. Ah well, by the time the bub learns to read, hopefully she’ll skim over that gobbledygook and not ask questions.

Anyhow, I kept myself busy planning projects (like oggling the new stitchy book) and doing the tedious job of manually transferring my contacts list from the old to the new computer.

Could've been worse.....I could have been offline for a week. After all, having no internet isn't the end of the world. Or is it?

And I had such a great blog post in mind, too!

Edit: Sheesh! Those yahoos pretty much got to it as soon as they received my cancellation fax. Methinks some emails disappeared into the ether. Apologies, peeps!


de vliegende koe said...

Goshhhhh, soooo sad! More conferences with the geezer seem to be necessary! Those stitcheries are so yummy!

Di said...

I am glad that connection was restored!

I love the stitching book!!

Kuky said...

Being internet-less sucks. It's such a regular part of my day. Once we had a power outage in the whole area. But having a laptop I still had power to it. So I got on just out of habit forgetting that with no power the modem wasn't working. So silly!

And that book. YUM. Is that library tote all embroidered? Wowy!

Corrie said...


how funny! I didn't realise you had this mag too! I get mine down at manly and am always hunting it down and it finally was there on sunday!!!!!