Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The colours cool

Last week when I was floundering on this daily blogging gig, Nicolette came to my rescue with a list of topics for me to blather about whenever I'm feeling a word drought.

Today's ramble is about my favourite colours.

I think I may have (or not) mentioned before that I don't have any favourites when it comes to the myriad of hues around. There so much to like. It just needs to be intense.

But then when I look around at what I'm drawn to observe and admire.....and what I create, I seem to be tending towards the cool colours.

Even the reds that I use, when the mood takes me, are tinged with a lot of blue.

And when I splurge on dotty fabric in lots, these are the colours that I end up with. Not deliberately. Just observing.

The things we come up with a bit of self-scrutiny! So what are your favourite colours?

Edit: I'll be slowly going through Nicolette's list in the next few days interspersed with a bit of crafting from me. Cheerio!


Belinda said...

I've always thought of you as a blue person.

My favourite colour is green, but I love red too!!

Kirsty said...

Blogging everyday oh my goodness. I am lucky to blog once a month.
I'm a red person I think.
Enjoyed having a catch up read.

Hayley said...

Purple is defintely my fav colour! Not a colour I wear, but a colour I craft with, and decorate my house with.

de vliegende koe said...

The Blue Period Picasso’s and the Chagall’s are between my favourites too! You are a woman after my own heart! I love all the bright colours when I want to paint, sew, knit or stitch. I love the darker ones to wear, because it makes me look more skinny. Our house is painted and decorated with the natural colours, lots of wood and stainless steal. My workplace is red, white and blue. Our little garden only has plants and flowers in blue, white and purple. Sometimes I love all the faded colours, depending on my mood!

Louise said...

I'm always drawn to most greens and oranges. I love very bright colours like red, hot pink, yellow and orange and even used those for my wedding flowers. I've never been much of a blue person but am strangely mad about aqua and green combos at the moment. I am Loving that you are posting every day by the way!

Thimbleanna said...

Blue, blue, blue! I've always loved blue. But then there's red. And orange. Purple. Yellow. Green, brown, pink -- and not necessarily in that order. Except for Blue. I love them all!

sue said...

Ooh all those dotty fabrics look so wonderful. Where did you buy them from. I think my faves are blues, greens, and red of course.