Sunday, November 11, 2007

Elmer & some views

Please meet Elmer! I didn't even know this cutie had a name until I read the little blurbie on Claudine's blog.

I received this softie/pincushion a few days ago in our blogmeet lucky dip. The bub has been eyeing it on my craft is it a softie or a pincushion? Methinks it'll be my pincushion for now...he he he.

And because you peeps showed interest in the Sydney sights, I thought I'd show you the fruits of our wandering this morning. This is the harbour view from my local vantage point of Cremorne Point. Or rather this is what you'll see if you're catching the ferry from the wharf.

These two had to steal the scene, of course.

But what I really want to show you is this lovely meandering walk on the foreshore which winds through nicely manicured parkland.

Some lucky ones call it their backyard.

Walk a bit further and you'll happen upon this sunny saltwater pool, which is open to the public. Except to the locals, it's a little known swimming spot........and it's free. *Shhhhhh*

So, there you go! Another secret piece of Sydney you won't find in the tourist guidebooks.


sue said...

Elmer is a cutie pie, and I love his books too.

claudine said...

Glad to see that Elmer has fit right in :) And lovely pictures too! Lucky you to have gorgeous views like these nearby!

Thimbleanna said...

Aw, look at your two little sweeties! Thanks for the "locals only" tip, I'll have to pass it on. ;-) I'm hearing rumors that my son's friend may back out on the trip, so I'm not sure if my son might not back out too. I'm hoping not, it would be such a shame. His older brother spent time on the phone today trying to convince him to go anyway! We'll see!

de vliegende koe said...

Elmer looks great and so does your family and the photos from Sydney!
Seems like a pretty nice spot to live!

clara said...

Nice shots, esp with your 2 models and the clouds too.
Cute Elmer. Love his legs. Would love to hear the funny story!

Louise said...

Loving Elmer - where did you get your cotton rack from?? The Geezer's a bit of a hottie isn't he!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Jade, I would walk more if I had lovely sight seeing like that.
And Elmer is gorgeous.