Saturday, November 10, 2007

A bit of arty

Of all the half-baked projects I've got on my plate, this is the one that's been nagging me lately......'cos its been in an almost-finished state for the last eight months!

I actually finished it last week, but had to leave it at the art studio on account of its being wet and whiffy. Fast forward a week and here 'tis sitting in our kitchen, ready to be hung in our lounge room (better pic of it here).

I tried to take a photo of the bub standing in front of this painting to get an idea of its scale....but she was too grumpy to play along. Anyhow, those are our kitchen benches just behind. You get the idea.

Also, I've just been told by the geezer that this is the last large painting that will enter the flat (the others are stacked up behind the lounge room door) until we move to a bigger place. Yep, I'm cluttering up the shack.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! Cheerio!


leslie said...

congrats on finishing it.
it looks amazing.
you are one supertalented gal.

de vliegende koe said...

That”s really some piece of art! I love the blues.. I should indeed make a lot more big paintings, not only because you should have to move!

Di said...

Is there no end to your talent?? It is just brilliant. Fantastic colours and composition!! I bet it'll look great in your living room!!

kristin said...

i'm loving the blues. beautiful piece Jade!

SugarShop (Dena) said...

You paint too??? I'm bowing down now. :)

Sonnja said...

Beautiful!!! I love the color blues!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

Jude said...

Oooo! I like it Jade. I can't believe the Geezer wouldn't want you to so more??? Soon as you have your bigger house ready you will have to do an art gallery post and show us all your talent.

Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Jade! Won't be long and you'll be moving and the cluttering can begin anew LOL!