Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I've been procrastinating about the holiday crafting.....can you tell? I'm telling you, it's doing my head in. 'Cos I've got several projects that still need cutting and sewing up.....and friends with the patience of saints waiting.

I suppose I can chop up the crafting into eatable parts. Baby steps, Jade! You can do it. So here's the hit list:
  • pair of cushion covers (must get cushion inserts)
  • something for my sister......duh, I dunno yet
  • cute linen bags for two girl cousins
  • two softies for two babies (must get polyfill)
  • applique tees and tanks tutti-fruiti style for some little girls......must practice on bub first
  • set of four drinks coasters or maybe some placemats
And that's just the stuff to giveaway! We'll just give up on the decor crafting for this year, shall we? The bub's worse than the animals at the moment (yes, worse than the cat!). Leave her for even a second and she'll destroy the room, whichever room she's in.

So, lets just all get distracted with some new fabric.....stroke, stroke, pet, pet! Cheerio!

Edit: Fabrics are from Leslie's shop and Matatabi.


SadieandLance said...

I love that one on the top with the cars.

Thanks for setting an example on the list making. I made an attempt to privately make a christmas sewing list last night but maybe making it public will make me more accountable?!

Louise said...

Yes, I have a room destroyer too! I can't tell you how many times I have to pick up the same things - over and over again! I also have a pile of things to make by Christmas, and a bag to make by Saturday. Must switch off computer!!

Corrie said...

cute fabric! I'm working through my present list and almost finished my advent calender! I can totally recommend making a xmas wreath using a round cane hoop from SL and thick strips of fabric! I'm loving mine and made 3 to give away too!

oh and we've had a keira destroyer day too! I've caught her take a banana peel out of the bin and try to eat it, play with the toilet brush, spill sugar on the floor and that was only today!!!!!!! lets hope its just a stage ...a short stage

clara said...

I know in record time, your list will be reduced in no time.
And about the little destroyer, hmmm...time will bring relief!

Anonymous said...

I too am a "List Person" but I'm afraid if I make a "to do" list, I won't get started. I keep finding new ideas. All that I shouldn't be doing of course.

monica said...

NICE fabric...

Di said...

Wow - that's some list! I still haven't even made my list!!

Katherine said...

My favourite distraction. Yummy, gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for the fix! Good luck on your sewing to-do list.

Cathy said...

I have been thinking of a list as well. But I have so much to do that I need a list for the lists - school, holidays, shops etc. etc., appointments.

I have a house full of destroyers - they are all male and not one of them is a baby!!!!!

Thimbleanna said...

LOL Jade. I've been doing the same thing as you -- avoiding the list to pet some fabric. You've certainly got a good list going -- maybe in a few years the Bub will be old enough to help you! ;-)