Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yarn attack

I had one of those when I spied Louise's most recent project on-the-make. I remembered last year wanting to get on the granny square bandwagon, but I wasn't brave and was still very unskilled in the art of crochet. Nowadays I'm a bit more fearless. Don't know about the skill. Ha!

Last weekend, armed with my trusty hook I did a bit of yarn hoarding over at my local in town to make up a car/travel blanket, justifying that not one inch of it will got to waste...after all this one's going to be treasured for years to come. When it's finished.

I'm crocheting the blocks together as I go, a la this super excellent tutorial. I'm hoping it'll end up with a mishmash organic feel when it's done 'cos the layout is pretty much unplanned.

Of course, I've piled myself with another project on-the-go. Gah!......when I really should be binding the new quilt (yep, its back) for the kiddo.

Instead I'm strangely compelled to make more small "grannies".

Hope your week is good! Cheerio!