Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Leftovers can sometimes be fun..... fabric scraps that is. And these two now make it seven house blocks all up. Here they are posing with some toys I borrowed from the kiddo.

I'm aiming for, ummm let's see, about twenty blocks? Or even twenty-four. At this rate, it'll take me forever to frickin sew the entire top.

Each one eats up about an hour to sew and each one is frustratingly fiddly. The roof patches are constantly confounding me each time I start a new one. That one up there took me three attempts to get the okay nod.

At this slowpoke rate, the quilt might end up gifted to the kid when she's a teenager. Or to the grandkid, good heavens!

And as slow as each one takes to make, each one of these is also infinitely satisfying to finish.

We're all a bit snotty and flu-ey around here. So, I'm going back to the couch with a hot cup of lemon tea to banish the germs and watch this fun romp of a show.